IWNY13: Equipping Entrepreneurs


Note: This is a post recapping my key takeaways from Internet Week 2013. For more, check out this post: What I Learned from Internet Week 2013.

In this panel discussion, Matthew Brimer of General Assembly shared his thoughts on the state of education and hiring talented people.

5 Startup Insights from Matthew Brimer

  1. The status quo in education isn’t working. Over 50% of today’s graduates are unemployed or working in jobs that don’t require degrees. And yet companies are saying they don’t have the talent they need.
  2. Education should constantly evolve. Education is constantly in beta. If you teach the same course 2 years from now as today, you’ll be out of date.
  3. You have to create your own luck. Increase the likelihood of serendipity: put yourself out there to meet the right people.
  4. Know what you want your company to stand for. Advice for entrepreneurs: create your brand. How will it appeal to people, what are the values, what does it stand for.
  5. Hire people that are better than you. As your company grows, you should become the dumbest person there.

Check out more of my learnings from Internet Week or find out more about General Assembly.

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