IWNY13: Dos and Don’ts of PR


Note: This is a post recapping my key takeaways from Internet Week 2013. For more, check out this post: What I Learned from Internet Week 2013.

In this classroom session, Brooke Hammerling (of Brew Media) shared her tips for PR in today’s social media world. Here are the 5 tips that stuck out the most to me.

5 Tips for PR

  1. Know Your Goals. Before launching a PR campaign, know what you want the outcome to be. Are you looking for more customers? Trying to raise an employee’s personal profile? Increase your overall reach?
  2. Know Your Narrative. When crafting your message, think of the narrative of what you want to say. What is your story?
  3. Humanize Your Story. Talk about the people, not your product–who works there? What’s the CEO like? Who uses it?
  4. Find Your Passionate Users. The best speaker for your product isn’t your employees but your impassioned users.
  5. Connect with the Press. Get the attention of the people you want to write for you by connecting with them in a fun way (Brew PR sends their contacts a fun animated gif on something they care about).

Check out more of my learnings from Internet Week or find out more about Brew Media.

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