How Falling Behind can get you Ahead

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Checkout this interesting new tedx talk on how falling behind can get you ahead and the benefits of a sampling period, by David Epstein.

Would you have guessed that Vincent Van Gogh had 5 different careers in his early 20s and deemed each of those 5 ‘his true calling’? One could have argued he was ‘falling behind’ in his early 20s. None of the 5 careers were art related, but they inspired him enough to eventually pick up a book on the ABCs of drawing in his late 20s.

Vincent Van Gogh was also not born an artist, he learned the skill himself. We at Humor That Works believe that you can have the same attitude with humor and that you don’t have to be born funny or spend 10,000 hours as a comedian to be proficient at using humor in the workplace.

How Falling Behind can get you Ahead – Tedx talk

Let us know what you think, and you can also checkout the Humor That Works tedx talk. Feel free to sample any of our 40 virtual interactive activities if you are looking for a ‘falling behind’ sampling period of enjoying your work more, or if you are looking to practice the skill of humor!


what is your humor persona?

Humor is a skill that can be learned. And when used correctly, it is a superpower that can be your greatest asset for building a happier, healthier and more productive life.  See for yourself...

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