Awesome Ideas from the Applied Improvisation Network


This year’s Applied Improvisation Network Conference was an incredible experience filled with some amazing ideas.

Below are some excerpts that stuck out to me from the workshops I attended:

From This Is Your Brain on Improv (Rich Cox & Janet Crawford):

Laughter is one of the brain’s natural responses to get back in sync with someone.

From The Deeper, Funner Facilitation Cookbook (Julie Huffaker & Gary Hirsch):

You have to know what a person cares about first before you can influence them. The best way to find out what they care about is to ask them.

From Creating a Playback Theater Performance (Christopher Ellinger, Zhaleh Almaee, Anne Ellinger)

Listening is so important. To show understanding, it’s important to playback what it is you heard them saying.

From Touching the Heart: Exploring Core Values through Personal Storytelling (Nick Owen)

Being fearless doesn’t mean to deny fear, but to face it.


Form, action and innovation lies within the tension between structure and chaos.

From Improvisation and Biomimicry (Belina Raffy):

Nature is sustainable and we can learn from it.  Nature: recycles everything, rewards cooperation, demands local expertise, and curbs excesses from within.

From Adventures in Micro-fiction (Denzil Meyers)

To spur writing, the design is to give you as little stimulus as possible, and let the mind fill in the gaps.

From Open Space Rules (lead by Chris Corrigan):

The Law of Two Feet: if you are somewhere and you aren’t learning, then use your two feet to get to somewhere you can be.

From Wiley Vets (Bard Braende, Sue Walden, Alieke van der Wijk)

Never make it about the sale, make it about the relationship.

From Talking to the CEO (Bard Braende, Maxine Shapiro)

The maximum capacity for a “tribe” is 150 people.  After that it becomes too large to manage and should be split into two separate groups.

There were far too many great nuggets of knowledge to list them all here, but to read more about the entire event, check out the AIN Portland Conference 09 Wrap-up.

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