And I Left…

In July 2012, I left my corporate position at Procter & Gamble–a position I truly enjoyed, one that gave me flexibility in both my role and in my life, and that allowed me to live a more-than-comfortable lifestyle in one of the greatest cities in the world. And I left. Because despite how great my… Read more


Balancing Humor at Work

One of people’s biggest fears with using humor in the workplace is being seen as inappropriate. Guest author Sarah Clare shares some tips on how to balance humor at work and help ensure that the humor is appropriate. —————————————- Humor is a great way to deal with the overwhelming stress we face at work. When… Read more


Zombie Tag – A Team-Building Game

Many team-building activities are boring and unoriginal. Not the case with one of my favorites: Zombie Tag. You can get the instructions in this video (and see it in action), or read the instructions below. Zombie Tag Instructions Have everyone walk around the space. At any point, you can call out someone’s name. If… Read more


Take Your X To Work Day

Many people have heard of “Take your child to work day” (or something similar)–a day where parents bring their children to work so the kids can get a sense of what mom and dad do while they’re gone all day. It’s a wonderful program, not just for the education of the kids (and the bonding… Read more

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Taking Notes at Work

How most of my notes in the office usually end up… Read more