Team-Building Activity – Line Up

team building line up

One of my favorite team-building activities of late has been the “Line Up.” It’s an exercise that involves all of the participants lining up single-file according to a specified criteria. As an example, you might have everyone line-up alphabetically by first name.  As you specify different criteria, you can add conditions like not being able… Read more


The Answer is Improv

Q: What can I study to become a better presenter? A: Improv Q: Is there a way to learn how to think on my feet? A: Improv Q: What can I do to improve my creativity? A: Improv Q: How can I demonstrate the keys to successful communication? A: Improv Q: What’s a fun event… Read more

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Talking Improv Wisdom, an Interview with Patricia Ryan Madson

Patricia Ryan Madson, author of one of my favorite books on improv, Improv Wisdom, has been teaching for more than four decades, with a quarter century of experience as a instructor in improvisation.  I talked with Patricia about her book and the value of improv in life and the workplace. To hear our discussion, check… Read more

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Humor in the Workplace: A Communication Challenge

“Humor is an intrinsic part of living and working” is the conclusion of an older article I was recently given. The article, titled Humor in the Workplace: A Communication Challenge by Robert A. Vartabedian and Laurel Klinger Vartabedian, professors of speech communication, explores the value of humor at work. Some interesting notes from the paper… Read more