Skill of Humor Part 1: Share Your Point of View

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One of our more popular programs recently has been How to Be Funny(er): An Actionable Guide to Creating Humor. It’s hands-on workshop that’s centered around the three principles skills of humor: Share your point of view. Explore and heighten. Practice, perform, repeat. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to do a deeper dive on each… Read more


What is Applied Improvisation?

When clients hear that my training includes applied improvisation, they often have no idea what I’m talking about or immediately fear the worst. They worry that it means their employees will have to tell jokes, will be forced to do silly exercises, or will have to do some form of trust fall. Applied improv is none of the above. What… Read more

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Training to Imagine

Training to Imagine, by Kat Koppett, is our goto resource when it comes to sharing new improv exercises and activities with people. Kat Koppett is a veteran applied improviser and the book contains clear, concise instructions that anyone can follow to start bringing a little improv into their group. Buy Now… Read more


2014 Best Training Program Winner: Kiewit

The 2014 Learned Me Good Award for Best Training Program goes to… Kiewit! Jill had this to say about Kiewit’s training program: I have to admit that, being a cowgirl at heart, I was influenced by the rodeo.  What a creative and exciting way to reward employees for acquiring these new skills and being able to ride… Read more


Humor at Work: An AIN Practitioner!

I’ve been accepted as a “qualified Applied Improvisation Network practitioner!” The Applied Improvisation Network is a community of practitioners and clients who value the use of improvisation skills to improve organizations. It’s composed of hundreds of practicing improvisers from around the world, using improv in business, healthcare, education and more. As a qualified AIN practitioner… Read more

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