Improv Brain Warm Ups

Improv exercises can be a great way to warm-up the brain for creative thinking. Here are three easy activities you can do with your team to get the creative juices going. 1. Mind Meld Mind Meld is all about getting on the same page while thinking out of the box. Take a look at the… Read more


Mind Meld – Creativity Exercise

The best team-building exercises not only help you build relationships with your peers, but also helps you achieve another outcome. Mind Meld is a great improv warm-up that helps you think creatively while also getting to know your fellow players better. The exercise requires two or more people. The goal is for two people in… Read more


8 Examples of AI You Can Use to Be More Creative

While many assume that creativity (art, music, humor) is safe from the computer revolution, the reality is that the world of creative machines is already here. But rather than being afraid of being replaced my artificial intelligence, creatives should look at machines as a way of enhancing and unlocking greater creative expression. With that in… Read more


Medical Condition – Thinking

All you need is a good doctor and you can get a medical note for anything.


Cincinnati, OH – I’ve done hundreds of improv shows before but never have I been questioned about the process as much as this past week when I did a show for the Cognitive Science group at one Fortune 100 Company. With help from The Smarty Pants Theater Co, I performed an improv show and conducted… Read more

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