Five TED Talks to Help You Work Happier

In honor of my TEDx talk on humor at work reaching over 11,000 views, I thought I’d share 5 videos that can help you work happier. Yes #5 is my own talk, but I truly believe humor can help you enjoy your work more (while doing it better). 1). Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret to Better Work… Read more


Humor at Work TEDx Talk

humor at work tedx talk

Back in February I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk at my alma mater, The Ohio State University. The topic was humor in the workplace and why I became a humor engineer. Watch the talk below and check out some of the sources below the video. Key Points from the Talk: People who… Read more


Play is More than Fun, Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown gives some interesting insights into the value of play. I think his last line (before the Q&A) is the most important: “I would encourage you all to engage not in the work-play differential—where you set aside time to play—but where your life becomes infused minute by minute, hour by hour, with body, object… Read more

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Great Ideas from TEDxEast 2012

I attended the 2012 TEDxEast event last week and I was blown away–the variety and quality of the speakers was incredible. Here are my notes from the awesome event. You can also check out some pictures on the Humor That Works Facebook Page. SESSION 1 – THE LEFT BRAIN The Other Side of Separation (Keith… Read more


The Happy Secret to Better Work

Psychologist Shawn Achor gave a hilarious and insightful talk at TEDxBloomington. In it, he shares ideas about what makes us happy and how to go about achieving happiness… Read more