8 Examples of AI You Can Use to Be More Creative

While many assume that creativity (art, music, humor) is safe from the computer revolution, the reality is that the world of creative machines is already here. But rather than being afraid of being replaced my artificial intelligence, creatives should look at machines as a way of enhancing and unlocking greater creative expression. With that in… Read more


Cellphone Crashing

A light-hearted way to have fun with people talking loudly at the airport. This could easily apply in the office as well… Read more


Build a World…

And soon that SD card will raise a Micro-SD Card… Read more


Joan Rivers on Comedy

In a fireside chat at IWNY13, the legendary Joan Rivers talked about comedy and technology. Here are some of my favorite insights: 5 Quotes from Joan Rivers On the state of comedy: “Right now is such a great moment for comedians. You have an idea? You can do it right now.” On getting discovered: “If… Read more


10 Life Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Often times we go through life doing things the way our parents or friends did them, or the way we just figured out on our own. That’s not always to most effective way to get things done. Here are “tutorials” for 10 hacks to make life more efficient. 1. Peel a Banana Like a Monkey… Read more

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