Team-Building Through 3 Pictures

Of the countless team-building exercises that can help improve the dynamics of your team, one of my favorites involves each team member sharing personal pictures with the group.  The exercise is great in almost any setting, but is especially well-suited for teams who only meet virtually or are just starting out. The set-up of the… Read more


Leeroy Jenkins (Censored)

A popular Internet meme highlighting the importance of teamwork:… Read more


Collaborating Through Yes And

Two words is all it takes to improve your team’s ability to work, think, and create together. Taken from the world of improv, they are the foundation to collaboration, cooperation, creativity and other words that start with the letter ‘c.’  What two words are they?  Yes And. The Power of Yes And The number one… Read more


The Idea of Teamwork

A great a cappella song showcasing the idea of teamwork:… Read more


How to Take Advantage of Microblogging

Over the past couple of weeks, a tool/service called Yammer has been picking up traction where I work.  Yammer is basically a corporate version of Twitter–it allows for “walled” microblogging or, to put it more simply, the ability to post short notes that only people with your company’s email address can see. (Side Note: If… Read more