Cliched Meaning of Life

cliched meaning of life

One of the biggest keys to success is first defining what success looks like for you. But in a weird way, defining success means stepping back and contemplating the meaning of life. But what is the meaning of life? That’s exactly what I try to process in this video, where I share 100 cliches in… Read more


Achieving Your Goals Through Daily Habits

perfct day habits

Way back in December of 2011 (holy wow that was already 4 years ago), I wrote about why people fail at New Year’s Resolutions, how to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, and how to set up a system I called Quality Days. A lot has changed since then, namely I’m now focused on Humor That… Read more


Humor That Works Coaching Launch!

New York, NY— I’m excited to announce the official launch of the Humor That Works Coaching Program today! After years of informal coaching and mentoring, I’ve decided to take the skills, techniques, and resources that I use at Fortune 500 Companies, Fast-Rising Start-Ups, and Top Universities, and apply them at an individual level for 1-on-1… Read more


4 Early Tonight Show Appearances of Famous Comedians

The Huffington Post shared a great article on Legendary Tonight Show Debuts. Here are some of the best early appearances from comedians. 1. George Carlin Here’s video of George Carlin on the Tonight Show when he was still doing his clean act (with no beard and short hair). 2. Eddie Murphy Eddie was already… Read more


There is only one success…

Great quote in “inspirational form” on success… Read more