Ha! Laughing is Good for You!

According to an article on Canadian Online Explorer, children laugh up to 25 times more per day than adults.  I think it’s about time we take that back!  To get started, check out some office humor and have yourself a chuckle. Other interesting facts from the article: Adults laugh, on average, 15 times per day… Read more


Lower Stress with Music

An article from Men’s Health takes a look at the power of what music can do for your health.  One of the studies included suggests that listening to calming music before a stressful event can help prevent you from getting worked up: An Australian study found that music (specifically, Pachelbel’s Canon in D) prevented stress-related… Read more

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No Joke! The Workplace Needs a Good Laugh

A friend of mine sent me this article from MSNBC about the importance of Humor in the workplace during these tough economic times (thanks Chris).  Naturally I’m a huge proponent of what they talk about in the article. Here are a few highlights from the article: “Companies that have the highest propensity to succeed and… Read more