5 Benefits of Vacation

A reader over at Ask a Manager posted a question asking how to take a vacation when there’s always work to be done, and Allison gave a great answer about establishing criteria for being able to leave and mentioning that vacation time for employees is good for both the company and the worker.   I… Read more


Give Yourself the Gift of Taking a Break

The Christmas holiday is just a few days away, and regardless of your religious affiliation, if you live in the United States, you’ll likely have the day off. If that is the case, I ask you to give yourself a gift this holiday season–the gift of taking a break. For 364 days a year, many… Read more


Anticipating a Laugh Reduces Stress

Research at a university in California suggests that just anticipating a humorous experience can help boost immunity and reduce stress.  The scientific study measured various hormone levels of two groups; one group anticipated watching a humorous video, and the other did not. Some of the highlights from the study include: The anticipation of mirthful laughter… Read more

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I recently came across an interesting paper titled Humor in the Workplace: Anecdotal Evidence Suggests Connection to Employee Performance. The topic of the paper covers both studies and anecdotal evidence regarding the value of humor in increased workplace productivity.  Some highlights include: Humor is “one of the soul’s weapons [used] in the fight for self-preservation.”… Read more


Why Stress Isn’t a Bad Thing

stressed isnt bad

I recently posted an article called Creating a Sense of Urgency that talked about how to be more productive by creating a sense of urgency for yourself to get things done. In the comments, someone asked why I was encouraging more stress, and what I meant by saying “stress isn’t always a bad thing.”  This… Read more

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