The 3-to-1 Positive Emotion Ratio

I recently watched this incredible TED talk from Jane McGonigal. I recommend watching the whole thing, but one highlight is the 3-to-1 Positive Emotion Ratio. As Jane puts it: “If you can have 3 positive emotions for every one negative emotion over the course of an hour, a day, a week, you dramatically improve your health… Read more


How Humor Can Help Nurses

I’ve long been a believer that humor can help heal. In this guest post, Heather Green shares how humor can help important healers in our culture: nurses. ———————————————— Humor can be the best medicine. Humor can make us feel better, it can improve our mood, and it can even impact our overall health. Therefore, nursing… Read more



I sit at the table, waiting for my meal.  I have a bib on, a bucket near by, and instructions printed on the paper placemat in front of me.  To me it’s a weird setup, but to the Bostonians around me it’s perfectly normal.  Finally, my meal arrives. It’s a boiled lobster, still in tact… Read more

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The Power to Unplug

I went to Cape Cod, MA this past weekend for a wedding and a short vacation from my obligations in New York. Foolishly (or so I thought), I left my phone charger in my apartment and soon realized my phone was not going to last the duration of the weekend. As it turns out, this… Read more


The Gift of Stress, an Interview with Zohar Adner

Zohar Adner is a stress release coach and author of The Gift of Stress – How to Act on the Urgent Message That’s Trying to Save Your Life.  I sat down with Zohar to talk about his new book, his work as a stress release coach and the role humor plays in stress release. Highlights… Read more