Humor in Meeting Invites

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There are 25 million meetings per day in the United States! Yes, 25 million!! Now, think about all of those meeting invite emails going back and forth. How many of those are just standard text with logistics written? How many of those emails are actually read? Today, we are doing a Humor Spotlight on Oak… Read more


10 Insights from Influence 2015

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I spent the past week in Washington, DC at Influence 2015, the annual convention for the National Speakers Association. It was a great opportunity to connect with other speakers, share my thoughts on the value of what we do, and, of course, learn a ton of great things. Here are 10 Insights I gained from… Read more


Corporate Storytelling, An Interview with Paul Smith

Ever wonder what separates good leaders from great leaders? According to Paul Smith, one key skill of great leaders is the ability to tell a story. I sat down with Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story, to talk about the value of corporate storytelling and how people can get started. Here’s the full… Read more


Humor at Work: Storytelling and Leadership Training for APA

Cincinnati, OH – For the second straight year, I’ve worked with emerging leaders as part of the Asian Pacific Americans group at a Fortune 25 Company. This year we had two activities, one for team-building and the other for skill-building. The first was a storytelling session around a camp fire. It was a casual event… Read more