People sometimes tell me that they think their workplace is too serious for humor. I ask them if it’s more serious than the Civil War. This story about Abraham Lincoln shows how humor is vital even in the most serious of times. Why Don’t You Laugh? I work with a lot of engineers, project managers… Read more


2014 Best Story Winner: A Greenster

The 2014 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story goes to… A Greenster! Julie Ann had this to say about A Greenster’s story: Short sweet to the point and I could just see the supervisor and his face.  Wish I had a sculpture. Here’s the nomination for A Greenster: Individual: A Greenster Organization: NA Submitted… Read more


2013 Best Story Winner: Daniel Stover

The 2013 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story goes to… Daniel Stover! Andrew had this to say about Daniel’s story: “The imagery in Daniel’s presentation made it seem like you were there, sharing his fear and vulnerability, and learning the same lesson he learned.” –Andrew Here’s the nomination for Daniel: Individual: Daniel Stover… Read more


Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story

The finalists for the 2013 Gather Around and Listen Award for Best Story are: Individual: Sarah Peickert Organization: PhotoBiz (site) Submitted by Ellemazing Sarah is NOTORIOUS in the PhotoBiz office for telling outrageous stories about the different places she has lived and the crazy things and adventures that she has gone through (that are MOSTLY… Read more


What Will Be Your Story?

Sometimes, when we’re first introducing ourselves to someone, they ask “what’s your story?” And then we proceed to tell them a little bit about our background, or why we’re at the current event, or perhaps we’ll sidestep the question with a joke response like “Part Tale of Two Cities, part Charlotte’s Web.” But say you’re… Read more