Office Golf

I’m sure this was done while on a conference call… Read more


The Best Sports Trivia Question

A friend of mine recently asked what I consider to be the best sports trivia question I’ve ever heard. It requires a broad level of knowledge and is something that can usually be figured out, but not immediately. The question is: Of the four major sports leagues (MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL), there are 9… Read more

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21 Best “Secret” Handshakes

The handshake dates back to at least the 5th Century BC, but likely not quite in the capacity shown below. Coming from baseball, basketball, football and TV, these secret handshakes can inspire us all to shake the hands of our peers more creatively. Note: It may take a second for all of the gifs to… Read more


Bored Office Crew

If they keep working too hard, they’ll have a stroke… Read more


Safe at Home

I recently came across an old picture of me in my North Sycamore baseball uniform and it reminded me of the years I spent playing baseball. I wasn’t bad, but also not that good. It’s hard to do well in baseball when you’re scared of the ball whenever you go to bat. As I think… Read more