Create / Consume 6 Month Update

As I previously mentioned, I’ve started tracking my time in an attempt to spend more time creating than consuming. Since my initial foray into the challenge, I’ve made some adjustments to my process and have a lot more data. I’ve shared my analysis in the presentation below, and you can find some of my key… Continue Reading >


Create / Consume Monthly Challenge

A little more than a month ago, I went through a huge life-change: I left my corporate job to focus on Humor That Works full-time. One of the most challenging adjustments to working for yourself comes from lack of structure–you no longer have a set schedule where you are expected to be in an office… Continue Reading >


8 Benefits of an Inclusive Organization

For the past two weeks, I’ve been researching and exploring the concept of inclusive organizations (What Does Inclusive Organization Mean? and 8 Traits of Inclusive Organizations).  I was doing it because I was asked to help lead a training on the topic, but why should you care about creating an inclusive organization? As it turns… Continue Reading >