Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Just click and listen… Read more


The Only True Vacation

There’s so much planning and work you have to do for most vacations these days, that you need to take a vacation from the vacation. Between all the stuff you have to get done at work before you leave, and all the stuff you come back to, plus all the planning you have to do… Read more


The Power to Unplug

I went to Cape Cod, MA this past weekend for a wedding and a short vacation from my obligations in New York. Foolishly (or so I thought), I left my phone charger in my apartment and soon realized my phone was not going to last the duration of the weekend. As it turns out, this… Read more


Geek Meditation

How geeks meditate.



5 Benefits of Vacation

A reader over at Ask a Manager posted a question asking how to take a vacation when there’s always work to be done, and Allison gave a great answer about establishing criteria for being able to leave and mentioning that vacation time for employees is good for both the company and the worker.   I… Read more