Spotlight on Exubrancy

I met Liz from Exubrancy at an event where I was sharing the value of humor to build communities. Once she told me about her company, I immediately knew I wanted to learn more. Here’s a look at what Exubrancy does and the humor they embrace. What is Exubrancy’s mission? Our mission is to empower… Read more


How to Build a Virtual Task Force and Keep it Running

Note: This is a guest post by Robert Cordray. I’ve added some humor notes to go along with the great tips from Robert. Telecommuting has become a common way to give employees extra flexibility in their work and employers flexibility in who they hire by eliminating the zip code requirement. While there are many advantages… Read more


Humor at Work: Business Info Guide

I was recently interviewed in the Business Info Guide, which shares “Inspired resources for entrepreneurs.” In the interview I talk about my book on humor in the workplace, how I became a humor speaker, and a typical day in the life. I’ve copied my responses to my two favorite questions below: Are there any people… Read more


Free Download: Employee Awards Program Kit

I recently helped produce the first ever Corporate Humor Awards as a way to celebrate those individuals and organizations using humor to improve the workplace. The goal of the awards was to not only recognize those already using humor, but also increase awareness of the value of humor AND share creative ideas on how to… Read more


Showing employee appreciation through an awards program has a number of benefits (in fact I’ve spelled out three of them for you in 3 Reasons to Create an Employee Awards Program). But just because recognition for employees is a serious matter doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. That’s where custom awards come in. In addition… Read more

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