30 Benefits of Humor at Work

benefits of humor

I’m incredibly passionate about humor in the workplace and not because it’s fun. As an engineer, the reason why I care about using humor is that it works. It’s effective with the one thing you can’t be efficient with, human beings. So with that in mind, here are 30 benefits of humor at work, backed… Read more


Laughter Infographic

The following laughter infographic has been making the rounds lately and it’s worth sharing. Some of the key benefits that stick out to to me: Laughter increases blood flow by 22%. Laughter boosts the immune system, stimulates circulation, and enhances mental functioning. Laughter helps prompt a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection… Read more


Build a World…

And soon that SD card will raise a Micro-SD Card… Read more


The New York Subway Signs Experiment

A great example of strangers adding smiles to the faces around them… Read more


Spotlight on Exubrancy

I met Liz from Exubrancy at an event where I was sharing the value of humor to build communities. Once she told me about her company, I immediately knew I wanted to learn more. Here’s a look at what Exubrancy does and the humor they embrace. What is Exubrancy’s mission? Our mission is to empower… Read more