Humor at Work: Interview with tastytrade

Chicago, IL — I got a chance to talk with Tom & Tony from tastytrade in an interview yesterday for their “Bootstrapping in America” segment. tastytrade is an online-based TV network that focuses on trading info, news and advice, but presents it in a fun, humorous way. The segment Bootstrapping in America profiles entrepreneurs doing… Read more


Humor at Work: AIN Conference 2012

San Francisco, CA — I attended my first AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) World Conference back in 2009. This year, I was able to make it the conference again and, as usual, learned a lot and met a ton of awesome people. In addition to leading two sessions, a breakout called The 5 Steps to Improvised… Read more


Humor at Work: Life Insurance Adds Humor

Cincinnati, OH – I traveled back to my hometown last week to conduct a training for Western & Southern Life, one of the eight strongest life insurance groups in the world. The topic: humor in the workplace. Over the course of 55 minutes, I spoke about the value of using humor to be more productive… Read more


Humor at Work: Training Strategic Disengagement

Dallas, TX – I traveled to the Lone Star state this past week to teach the field HR team of Santander Consumer USA about the importance of Strategic Disengagement. We focused on the benefits of strategically disengaging, including how taking breaks can improve productivity, reduce stress and enhance problem-solving skills. We also took some time… Read more


Humor at Work: Humor Project Conference 2012

Silver Bay, NY – This past weekend I spoke at the 55th International Humor Project Conference and had a great time. The people were welcoming, the speakers fantastic and the location incredible. I conducted three different sessions, including a day-long Stand-up Comedy Bootcamp and two 75-minute sessions, one on the ROI of using humor in… Read more

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