Fun Fact: Eskimos Used Rap Battles For Court

I was reading a humor article recently when I came across this interesting reference from Personality and Sense of Humor by Avner Ziv: Justice is carried out in accordance with an ancient custom that tests humorous ability. That piqued my curiosity so I did a little more research and found this excerpt from Man’s Rise… Read more


Baby Got Self-Respect

I believe this how the rap lyrics went for the song… Read more


12 Inspirational Lyrics from Hip-Hop

motivating hip hop lyrics

When it comes to music, hip-hop gets a bad rap (pun intended).  The stereotype is that all rap songs are about money, drugs, and/or women.  And while that’s true for a lot of the songs that make it to the radio and the clubs, there are a number songs that can be inspiring and motivating… Read more


Design Coding Rap

Here’s a great example of humor and learning coming together to describe some key fundamentals in web design.… Read more