25 Funniest Questions from Kids

funniest kids questions

Most people are naturally curious. We wonder why things are the way they are and we investigate them, whether that’s exploring the great cosmos or simply checking IMDB to see where we’ve seen that actor before (chances are it’s Gary Oldman and the answer is everywhere). Some of the most naturally curious people are kids, which means… Read more


Frequently Asked Questions Posted

To help answer some of the more popular questions, we’ve posted an FAQ that covers the basics of the Corporate Humor Awards. Some of the questions answered include: What are the Corporate Humor Awards? What do award winners Receive? Why would I nominate someone for an award? What is this “custom award” you speak of… Read more


Using Humor to Create Fun Surveys

add humor to survey

A survey is only as good as the responses it receives from the responders. One way to increase the number of survey responses is to use humor to make your surveys fun. You can easily do that in one of two ways: Adding humorous questions among your standard survey questions, or Asking your standard survey… Read more


50 Questions to Get to Know Someone

50 questions to get to know someone

Want to get to know me better (or anyone really)?  Just ask one of the below “get to know you” questions… they’re meant to be fun, interesting questions that can help you learn more about the person you are talking to.  These questions can be great for team-building, learning more about your fellow co-workers, and… Read more


Ace an Interview with Honesty

Be honest.  Whether on stage doing comedy or in an interview for a job, one of the best pieces of advice you can follow is to just be honest. Honesty for Humor In improv, one of the tendencies of newcomers is to “try to be funny.”  They get into a scene and instead of listening… Read more