Free Download: Employee Awards Program Kit

I recently helped produce the first ever Corporate Humor Awards as a way to celebrate those individuals and organizations using humor to improve the workplace. The goal of the awards was to not only recognize those already using humor, but also increase awareness of the value of humor AND share creative ideas on how to… Read more


Create Your Own Humor Awards!

Want to host your own version of the Corporate Humor Awards? Check out this free download from Humor That Works: Employee Awards Program Kit The Employee Awards Program Kit gives you everything you need to launch your own Employee Awards Program (such as your own humor awards!). The kit includes: Employee Awards TOC Employee Awards… Read more


8 Steps to Creating an Employee Awards Program

Now that you know the benefits of creating an employee awards program, you may be wondering how you go about actually doing it. Luckily I’ve created and hosted my fair share of events (including the recent Corporate Humor Awards) and I’ve got all the steps you need to have a successful awards show. 8 Steps… Read more


3 Reasons to Create an Employee Awards Program

One of the best ways to recognize employees is through having an employee awards program that celebrates the behavior you want to promote in the workplace. Not only does it give you a chance to reward employees, it also shows the rest of your company what you’re hoping to get out of all employees. That’s… Read more

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Humor That Works Coaching Launch!

New York, NY— I’m excited to announce the official launch of the Humor That Works Coaching Program today! After years of informal coaching and mentoring, I’ve decided to take the skills, techniques, and resources that I use at Fortune 500 Companies, Fast-Rising Start-Ups, and Top Universities, and apply them at an individual level for 1-on-1… Read more