Insights and Takeaways from AIN Conference 2012

This year’s Applied Improvisation Network annual conference took place in San Francisco, and as usual, I walked away with a ton of insights, great connections and new exercises to use in my programs. Below are some the highlights from the weekend. To find out more about the organization, check out the Applied Improvisation site. To… Read more


Humor at Work: AIN Conference 2012

San Francisco, CA — I attended my first AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) World Conference back in 2009. This year, I was able to make it the conference again and, as usual, learned a lot and met a ton of awesome people. In addition to leading two sessions, a breakout called The 5 Steps to Improvised… Read more


Great Ideas from TEDxEast 2012

I attended the 2012 TEDxEast event last week and I was blown away–the variety and quality of the speakers was incredible. Here are my notes from the awesome event. You can also check out some pictures on the Humor That Works Facebook Page. SESSION 1 – THE LEFT BRAIN The Other Side of Separation (Keith… Read more


John Cleese on Creativity

John Cleese gives a great talk on creativity, mentioning how humor is instrumental in getting into an “open mode.” My biggest take away: “Humor is an essential part of spontaneity, an essential part of playfulness, an essential part of the creativity we need to solve problem, no matter how serious they may be.” – John… Read more


Sparking Creativity in Teams: A Humorist’s Guide

The McKinsey Quarterly recently released their Top 10 Articles of 2011. You can read them here (note: free registration is required). One of the articles in particular caught my eye because it speaks directly to humor (though sadly doesn’t mention it directly). The article? #9 Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide The article talks… Read more