Improve Problem-Solving By Laughing More

the candle problem

You walk into a room where you find a table pushed against the back wall with three things on it: a book of matches, a box of tacks, and a candle. Above the table is a corkboard. Your instructions are to affix the candle to the corkboard in such a way that when you light the… Continue Reading >


30 Benefits of Humor at Work

benefits of humor

I’m incredibly passionate about humor in the workplace and not because it’s fun. As an engineer, the reason why I care about using humor is that it works. It’s effective with the one thing you can’t be efficient with, human beings. So with that in mind, here are 30 benefits of humor at work, backed… Continue Reading >


Creative Fire Extinguisher Art

A clever way to incorporate a fire extinguisher into your decor… Continue Reading >


Genius Fan Pull-Cord

I’m a big fan of these pull-cords… Continue Reading >


Three Logicians Walk into a Bar

Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “would all three of you like some beer?” The first one replies,”I dont know.” The second one replies, “I dont know either.” The third replies, “Yes, all three of us would like a beer.”… Continue Reading >

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