Picturing Better Presentations

presenting with pictures

One of the simplest, and easiest, ways to add humor to a presentation is to add visuals. We are so conditioned to seeing slides full of text in presentations that seeing an image on the screen immediately gets us more engaged. We wonder: what is this a picture of? How does it relate to the… Read more


Humor at Work: 10,000 Views on SlideShare

New York, NY – I got an email in my inbox this morning telling me that my presentations on SlideShare have collectively hit over 10,000 views! I like to pretend that means that over 10,000 people have been positively impacted by the work we’re doing here at Humor That Works. You can find the slides on… Read more


Michael Caine – Blinking

I'm sure this would help make you a better presenter.


The Influence of Pie Graphs

Every good presentation influences the audience, like this one.


5 Ways to Energize an Audience

A tired audience is an impatient and distracted audience. To help ensure your presentation is actually heard, it’s important to energize the audience. Here are 5 ways to energize the audience before your next presentation: 1. Warm up the crowd by conducting a symphony. Conducting an audience symphony is one of the easiest ways to… Read more