Improv Wisdom

Improv Wisdom, by Patricia Ryan Madson, is one of my favorite books on the use of improv for non-performance. The book focuses not on the act of improv, but on the life lessons learned from the art and the change it can effect. To me, it answers the question for performers and non-performers alike, “why… Read more


6 Nuggets of Wisdom from Improvise

Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out, by Mick Napier, focuses on learning how to become a better improviser.  But in explaining the key steps to better improv, Napier also drops some knowledge that is powerful in business and in life. Here’s what I learned from Improvise: 1. It’s Not Enough to Just Do Your Job… Read more


Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out

In the book Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out, improv guru Mick Napier explains how to build an improv scene from the inside out.  And while the book is a must-read for improviser, there are also a lot of valuable lessons that can be applied in business and life. Buy It Now | 6 Nuggets… Read more

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Stephen R. Covey gives us The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Well I give you 7 Things I Learned from 7 Habits (that aren’t just the 7 habits).  If you can, try to read this post in 7 minutes, then share it with 7 friends and drink a 7-up. 1. “To know and not… Read more


Learning from The Inner Game of Tennis

In Troduction The Inner Game of Tennis is subtitled as ‘the classic guide to the mental side of peak performance.” It has been in publication for more than 30 years and has been followed by a number of highly successful professionals in the tennis, football, music, and corporate worlds. I decided to read this book… Read more