New Year, Same You (But Better)

happy new year snoopy

It’s the beginning of January, which means that people are doing two things: Making new resolutions. Writing the wrong year on things. I’ve written in the past about resolutions, including why resolutions suck but why you should make them anyway and how to keep your resolutions, but the important thing to remember is that resolutions don’t… Read more


Going Through Hell

From a post with a number of motivational images… Read more


Lion or Gazelle

It doesn’t matter which you are.     via reddit… Read more


Top 10 Classic Mentos Commercials

The Humor That Works blog has a new post up about the the similarities of Mentos and Mentors, so I thought I’d post the Top 10 Classic Mentos Commercials. 10. Through the Car Sure the guy could have just waited 10 seconds for the car to move, but it his way was much fresher. 9… Read more

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