The Differences Between Dashes

My editor gave me a note to help me understand the differences between types of dashes when working on my book (see the original here): Figure dash “-“ En-dash “–“ Em-dash “—“ When to use each: Between numbers not indicating a range. e.g. phone numbers (867-5309). Between numbers in a range. e.g. integers from 1–10… Read more


9 Kids Games Adapted to the Corporate World

As a kid we spent many-a-day playing games with our classmates and neighbors. Once you’ve entered the corporate world, that doesn’t change. Here are 9 kids games adapted to the Corporate World. Leap Frog. Spend years building your skills to get promoted to your dream position. Right when you think you’re going to get that… Read more


It’s that time of year again. No, not when you realize you haven’t done any real work since December 5th and can’t remember your password; it’s time to make some work resolutions so your New Year is filled with success, opportunity and awesomeness. Maybe you already have your resolutions in mind (promotion here you come)… Read more


Meeting Humor: One Liners & Jokes

meeting one liners

I don’t know about you, but with the amount of time I spend in meetings, I need some work humor.  Here are some of the best one liners and jokes about meetings. On Meeting Length: I propose a new rule: meetings can not last longer than my laptop battery or my bladder. On Committees: There’s… Read more

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Dar Tch Support

Dar Tch Support, I think thr is somthing wronng with my kyboard; spcifically the dlt ky and th lttr ” do not appar to b workign. I am unabl to dlt or chang anything I typ. As you can imangin, this maks it hard to writ things such as rports and mails. In fact. the… Read more