101 Ways to Create Humor at Work

humor at work

With all of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every office could stand to have a little more fun.  But how do you incorporate humor into the corporate world?  It’s easier than you might think. From individual activities such as reading office jokes, to team-building games using improv, to community-wide fun at work… Read more


5 Ways to Start Building a Community

Building a community in any company can prove challenging. Few people have the personality necessary to build the strong network needed to thrive in the corporate environment. If yours is a company in need of teamwork, camaraderie, and community, it is your job as a leader to help foster those relationships. And I’m not just… Read more


How to Host a Speed Networking Event

Networking and community-building don’t have to be hard, especially when you create an environment where it is expected. Speed Networking can be a great way to meet a number of people and build your office’s community. How to Host a Speed Networking Event Hosting a speed networking event is easy–all you need is 30 minutes… Read more

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People Trivia: A Fun Team-Building Exercise

bring people together

One of my favorite team-building exercises is simply called “people trivia.” The name says it all: it’s trivia about the people in your organization and it provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about your fellow co-workers. How It Works The setup for people trivia is easy: a month leading up to an organizational event… Read more


How to Take Advantage of Microblogging

Over the past couple of weeks, a tool/service called Yammer has been picking up traction where I work.  Yammer is basically a corporate version of Twitter–it allows for “walled” microblogging or, to put it more simply, the ability to post short notes that only people with your company’s email address can see. (Side Note: If… Read more