28 Things We All Do At Work

things we all do at work

Things We All Do When Checking Email Open an email, read it, then mark it as Unread so you deal with it later. Reread the email you just read because you weren’t really paying attention the first time you read it. Ignore an email for a week and then respond, “Sorry for the delay, I… Read more

improvising conversation

Back in September of 2015, I attended the annual AIN Conference in Montreal (and heard these amazing things). While there, I gave a 10-minute talk on how I, as an introvert, use improvisation to interact with other humans using a 3-step process. Well you can now see that video online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgL7IKm9gQU A few highlights from the… Read more


The Importance of Relationships in the Workplace

coworker relationship

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering the different types of work relationships, the various stages of relationships and how to build stronger, more meaningful relationships at work. But before we do all that, why do we even care? Why are relationships in the workplace important? Why read the following 400 words? I could… Read more


Why YOU Should Take an Improv Class

Improv was one of my first forays into comedy and remains one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done.  The tips, tricks, techniques and skills I’ve learned from studying improv have infiltrated my everyday life, making me a better communicator, presenter, employee, friend, son and member of society. Still not convinced, even after knowing… Read more


101 Ways to Create Humor at Work

humor at work

With all of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every office could stand to have a little more fun.  But how do you incorporate humor into the corporate world?  It’s easier than you might think. From individual activities such as reading office jokes, to team-building games using improv, to community-wide fun at work… Read more