Cliched Meaning of Life

cliched meaning of life

One of the biggest keys to success is first defining what success looks like for you. But in a weird way, defining success means stepping back and contemplating the meaning of life. But what is the meaning of life? That’s exactly what I try to process in this video, where I share 100 cliches in… Read more


Two Most Important Days…

A close second in terms of importance is the day you have your first milkshake… Read more


And I Left…

In July 2012, I left my corporate position at Procter & Gamble–a position I truly enjoyed, one that gave me flexibility in both my role and in my life, and that allowed me to live a more-than-comfortable lifestyle in one of the greatest cities in the world. And I left. Because despite how great my… Read more


What Don’t You Put in the Moving Truck?

I moved to a new apartment this past week and in addition to learning that I have far too much stuff I don’t use or need, I found that there were certain things I wasn’t comfortable handing over to the moving company. I personally moved some select items because they are more important to me… Read more


10 Life Tips from Improv Class

life tips from improv

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life” – Oscar Wilde Though the art/life debate is similar to that of the chicken/egg, I am a firm believer that much can be gained from taking a look at art to reflect on our life (take the “What I Learned From” series for example).  With that… Read more