Cliched Meaning of Life

cliched meaning of life

One of the biggest keys to success is first defining what success looks like for you. But in a weird way, defining success means stepping back and contemplating the meaning of life. But what is the meaning of life? That’s exactly what I try to process in this video, where I share 100 cliches in… Continue Reading >


Two Most Important Days…

A close second in terms of importance is the day you have your first milkshake… Continue Reading >


And I Left…

In July 2012, I left my corporate position at Procter & Gamble–a position I truly enjoyed, one that gave me flexibility in both my role and in my life, and that allowed me to live a more-than-comfortable lifestyle in one of the greatest cities in the world. And I left. Because despite how great my… Continue Reading >


What Don’t You Put in the Moving Truck?

I moved to a new apartment this past week and in addition to learning that I have far too much stuff I don’t use or need, I found that there were certain things I wasn’t comfortable handing over to the moving company. I personally moved some select items because they are more important to me… Continue Reading >


10 Life Tips from Improv Class

life tips from improv

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life” – Oscar Wilde Though the art/life debate is similar to that of the chicken/egg, I am a firm believer that much can be gained from taking a look at art to reflect on our life (take the “What I Learned From” series for example).  With that… Continue Reading >