The Position of Mentorship

I recently found an unexpected mentor, and she is awesome. She gives me positive reinforcement when I’ve done something right. She lets me know about things that are coming up so I can be ready for them. She doesn’t tell me where I should go, but once I’ve decided, she helps me get there. If… Read more

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Building an Inclusive Organization

If you’ve been following the series on Inclusive Organizations, you probably have one remaining question. We’ve answered the what and why of inclusive organizations and even talked about their traits, but we haven’t talked about the how. How do you create an inclusive organization? Building an inclusive organization requires a dedicated focus and effort on… Read more


8 Benefits of an Inclusive Organization

For the past two weeks, I’ve been researching and exploring the concept of inclusive organizations (What Does Inclusive Organization Mean? and 8 Traits of Inclusive Organizations).  I was doing it because I was asked to help lead a training on the topic, but why should you care about creating an inclusive organization? As it turns… Read more


8 Traits of an Inclusive Organization

Last week I attempted to answer the question, “What does inclusive organization mean?”  Not just because I like solving mysteries, but also because I’ve been hearing the phrase more and more and wanted to understand what the buzz(word) was all about.  I ended up with: “An inclusive organization is a group of people with a… Read more

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What Does Inclusive Organization Mean?

One of the buzzwords I’ve been hearing around the office lately is “inclusive organization.”  “How do we create an inclusive organization?” ” What are the benefits of an inclusive organization? “What the heck do you guys mean when you say inclusive organization?”  (That last question was mine.) As it turned out, no one could really… Read more