Great Ideas from TEDxEast 2012

I attended the 2012 TEDxEast event last week and I was blown away–the variety and quality of the speakers was incredible. Here are my notes from the awesome event. You can also check out some pictures on the Humor That Works Facebook Page. SESSION 1 – THE LEFT BRAIN The Other Side of Separation (Keith… Read more


Why Humor Can Be a Powerful Campaign Tool

A recent story on NPR shared the value of humor in politics in campaigning, which echoes a previous article we had here on Humor That Works (Humor in Presidential Elections). Some key points from the story: Humor is an essential tool in any politician’s kit. [Humor] can disarm an opponent, woo a skeptical voter or… Read more


Humor at Work: Dancing for Leadership

New York, NY – Last night in the fluorescent glow of a rented room in a NYC high rise, members of the NYC regional chapter of the Applied Improv Network met to share exercises and games. We covered a whole gamut of activities, from traditional warmups like “Whoosh” to more elaborate exercises like “Images of… Read more


Humor in Presidential Elections

Note: This article was written by David Tarvin, a PhD student at Louisiana State University and the newest addition to the Humor That Works team. To find out more, check out his bio. Recently, a friend and I were discussing the potential GOP candidates for this year’s presidential election. He told me wished Sarah Palin… Read more

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Humor at Work: Storytelling and Leadership Training for APA

Cincinnati, OH – For the second straight year, I’ve worked with emerging leaders as part of the Asian Pacific Americans group at a Fortune 25 Company. This year we had two activities, one for team-building and the other for skill-building. The first was a storytelling session around a camp fire. It was a casual event… Read more