Silly Job Interview from Monty Python

Sadly this seems more like reality now.… Read more


Advice for People in Job Transition

I was recently asked to sit on a panel to answer questions about job transition. Given my move from the corporate project manager to full-time speaker last year, people were interested in how I handled the move. Here are some of the questions I was asked along with my answers: What steps did you take… Read more


Resume Bar

Turned this in and he got a PayDay in return… Read more


Job Descriptions: Easy and Hard Versions

A redditor asked an interesting question: Explain your job in two ways: first making it sound as complicated/hard possible, second as easy/simple. Here are some of the best descriptions: zylphite: Hard: I oversee the process of colliding quadrillions of subatomic particles into other atoms in a precisely controlled fashion in order to generate a self-sustaining… Read more


5 Reasons to Use Humor in an Interview

smiley in frowns

When preparing for an interview, it’s likely you have been given the advice to be serious when you meet with people at your prospective job; it’s important to know that advice is absolutely wrong (unless you’re interviewing to be a funeral director, banker (of doom), or to play Buster Keaton in a biopic). It’s true… Read more

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