Humor Across Cultures

beco do batman

I landed here in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday morning for a week of relaxation and a little bit of work. When I landed, I had in my inbox an email from a fellow humor speaker from Norway, Piotr Pluta. He was sharing with me his recent TEDx talk, An Intercultural Guide to Humor. It’s a… Read more


Humor at Work: Communicating for Project Managers

Mexico City, Mexico – I just returned from leading one of the more challenging (but incredibly awesome) workshops I’ve ever facilitated–a half-day workshop on communicating for a group of project managers from all over Latin America. At first glance it may seem a little bizarre that an English presenter would lead a Communication workshop for… Read more


6 Tips for a Better Global Team

With the advent of the Internet and the growth of International companies, building an effective team across timezones, languages and cultures is becoming increasingly more important. Gone (or perhaps going) are the days when your entire team resides on the same continent, let alone floor, and it’s becoming more common to be working with someone… Read more