Infographic on Humor at Work

A great infographic on the value of humor at work… Read more


Joan Rivers on Comedy

In a fireside chat at IWNY13, the legendary Joan Rivers talked about comedy and technology. Here are some of my favorite insights: 5 Quotes from Joan Rivers On the state of comedy: “Right now is such a great moment for comedians. You have an idea? You can do it right now.” On getting discovered: “If… Read more


The Psychology of Productivity

A reader sent along this interesting article on the psychology of productivity that shares some ideas on how to be more productive. Included in the article are links to a number of different studies and ideas on what makes us productive. My main takeaway from the writeup is that there are no one size fits… Read more


The Comedy Experience, An Interview with Peppercomm

Imagine you walk into a training at work only to find out that sometime within the next few hours you’re going to perform stand-up comedy. I sat down with the guys at Peppercomm who are leading trainings just like that and talked with them about the benefits of such a program and what you can… Read more


Play is More than Fun, Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown gives some interesting insights into the value of play. I think his last line (before the Q&A) is the most important: “I would encourage you all to engage not in the work-play differential—where you set aside time to play—but where your life becomes infused minute by minute, hour by hour, with body, object… Read more

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