Why Humor in 60 Seconds

why humor in 60 seconds

One of the reasons people say they don’t use humor at work is that they don’t have time. Well, for those of you without enough time to read our book or see our TEDx talk on humor, here’s why you should care about humor in sixty seconds: (VIDEO COMING SOON) TEXT: 83% of employees are… Read more


Why Leaders Use Humor at Work

why leaders use humor

Humor has been analyzed by the some of the best minds in history – Aristotle, Hobbes, Kant, and Freud to name a few. There is plenty of research on the positive impacts of humor in organizations; however, there is less knowledge on leaders’ own perspective on humor. I wrote my postgraduate thesis on humor in… Read more


Why Humor Can Be a Powerful Campaign Tool

A recent story on NPR shared the value of humor in politics in campaigning, which echoes a previous article we had here on Humor That Works (Humor in Presidential Elections). Some key points from the story: Humor is an essential tool in any politician’s kit. [Humor] can disarm an opponent, woo a skeptical voter or… Read more


Humor in Presidential Elections

Note: This article was written by David Tarvin, a PhD student at Louisiana State University and the newest addition to the Humor That Works team. To find out more, check out his bio. Recently, a friend and I were discussing the potential GOP candidates for this year’s presidential election. He told me wished Sarah Palin… Read more

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An Easy Tip to Getting Management Approval

The most important part of any stand-up set is the first 30 seconds.  It is in that small time frame that an audience decides if you are: funny, potentially funny, or not funny at all.  If they decide you’re funny, you have them on your side the rest of your set.  If they think you… Read more