Create Incongruity with Cliches

One of the biggest lies in the workplace is, “I’ll get that to you by C-O-B (close of business).” What people really mean when they say that is, “I’ll get that to you by S-O-N-B-D (start of next business day).” Which brings me to the humor tip for this week: modifying cliches. Cliches can be… Read more


Humor at the McDonald’s Drive Thru

Think about the stereotypical view of a fast food worker. In most media, you see them portrayed as disinterested teenagers who would rather be anywhere else. They are the DMV workers of the food industry. Not so in this video of a trip to a McDonald’s drive thru. Watch the video and we’ll come back… Read more


A Literal Book Launch

literal book launch

As you may know, my book, The United States of Laughter, is now available in Print, Kindle, and Audiobook. To celebrate its release, I decided to launch the book out of a catapult. Why? Because why not?  Choosing to Have Fun The process of launching a book is stressful: there are lots of logistics to… Read more