People sometimes tell me that they think their workplace is too serious for humor. I ask them if it’s more serious than the Civil War. This story about Abraham Lincoln shows how humor is vital even in the most serious of times. Why Don’t You Laugh? I work with a lot of engineers, project managers… Read more


Humor in Presidential Elections

Note: This article was written by David Tarvin, a PhD student at Louisiana State University and the newest addition to the Humor That Works team. To find out more, check out his bio. Recently, a friend and I were discussing the potential GOP candidates for this year’s presidential election. He told me wished Sarah Palin… Read more

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The Importance of Relationships in the Workplace

coworker relationship

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering the different types of work relationships, the various stages of relationships and how to build stronger, more meaningful relationships at work. But before we do all that, why do we even care? Why are relationships in the workplace important? Why read the following 400 words? I could… Read more