4 Ways to Add Humor to Your Email Signature

Email is a substantial part of our daily lives. As of 2011, the average user sent and received 105 email messages per day [1]. The average office worker spends 28% of their workday on email [2]. I received 4 email messages in the 30 seconds it took to write this sentence [3]. Adding a little… Read more


Family Owned Business Sign

I believe them when they say family owned… Read more


Baby Got Self-Respect

I believe this how the rap lyrics went for the song… Read more


Amusing Excuses for Being Late to Work

Here are some of the most outrageous excuses for being late to work, from Careerbuilder.com: My husband thinks it’s funny to hide my car keys before he goes to work. My left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns to get to work. I feel like I’m in everyone’s way… Read more


Stupid Interview Questions

Stupid interview questions. Clever answers (from Ask a Manager): Q: If you could be a tree, what tree would you be? Anonymous said: “I’d much rather be on the other end. You know, a lumberjack.” Q: What type of animal are you most like? Rebecca said: “An E. Coli bacterium. Most people think I’m evil… Read more