Putting the Humor in HR, An Interview with LuAnn Tarvin

On this episode of Humor Talks, we’re chatting with LuAnn Tarvin. LuAnn is an HR Manager at the Gorilla Glue Company where she has helped oversee the company’s rapid growth… She’s also my mom! We talk about how she learned humor, simple ways you can start to build humor into your culture, and just how… Read more


The Problem with Human Resources (And How to Fix It)

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Before I get into the meat of this post, I should start with a disclaimer: I’ve never worked in HR. My mom has been in HR for 25+ years, so I understand her perspective of it, but I’ve never worked there myself (except for that one time I pretended to work in HR to scare an intern…)… Read more

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5 Ways HR Can Create a Culture of Fun at Work

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Human Resources gets a bad rap. Among the Sales, Marketing, and IT departments, HR is sometimes seen as the “anti-fun police,” cracking down on anything that makes the workplace more lively. But not all HR groups are squelchers of fun. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number HR people who knew the tremendous… Read more


Humor at Work: Training Strategic Disengagement

Dallas, TX – I traveled to the Lone Star state this past week to teach the field HR team of Santander Consumer USA about the importance of Strategic Disengagement. We focused on the benefits of strategically disengaging, including how taking breaks can improve productivity, reduce stress and enhance problem-solving skills. We also took some time… Read more


Building an Inclusive Organization

If you’ve been following the series on Inclusive Organizations, you probably have one remaining question. We’ve answered the what and why of inclusive organizations and even talked about their traits, but we haven’t talked about the how. How do you create an inclusive organization? Building an inclusive organization requires a dedicated focus and effort on… Read more