First Letter Last Letter

While in a conversation, play First Letter, Last Letter, a listening exercise. The rules are simple: the first letter of the first word you say has to start with the last letter of the last word the other person just said. As an example: Person A: “Hey, did you finish those TPS reports?” YOU: “Sure… Read more


Zombie Tag – A Team-Building Game

Many team-building activities are boring and unoriginal. Not the case with one of my favorites: Zombie Tag. You can get the instructions in this video (and see it in action), or read the instructions below. Zombie Tag Instructions Have everyone walk around the space. At any point, you can call out someone’s name. If… Read more


9 Kids Games Adapted to the Corporate World

As a kid we spent many-a-day playing games with our classmates and neighbors. Once you’ve entered the corporate world, that doesn’t change. Here are 9 kids games adapted to the Corporate World. Leap Frog. Spend years building your skills to get promoted to your dream position. Right when you think you’re going to get that… Read more


The First Crossword Puzzle

The world’s first crossword puzzle, created by Arthur Wynne for the New York World in 1913. Can you solve it? (from oddee)… Read more


Word Brain Teasers

A few word brain teasers (highlight the area beneath the question for the answer): Name a word that has twenty-six letters. Alphabet What’s the word that you can pronounce faster by adding a syllable? Faster Where is it that Friday comes before Thursday each week? In the Dictionary What is it you break by naming… Read more