Humor at the McDonald’s Drive Thru

Think about the stereotypical view of a fast food worker. In most media, you see them portrayed as disinterested teenagers who would rather be anywhere else. They are the DMV workers of the food industry. Not so in this video of a trip to a McDonald’s drive thru. Watch the video and we’ll come back… Read more


Using Humor at Work is as Easy as Pie

humor at work pie

A majority of the questions I receive after delivering a humor keynote are about how: How do you know what humor to use? How often should you use humor? How do you get started using humor? Using humor at work can seem intimidating but the reality is that you already know most of what you need… Read more

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10 Life Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Often times we go through life doing things the way our parents or friends did them, or the way we just figured out on our own. That’s not always to most effective way to get things done. Here are “tutorials” for 10 hacks to make life more efficient. 1. Peel a Banana Like a Monkey… Read more

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I sit at the table, waiting for my meal.  I have a bib on, a bucket near by, and instructions printed on the paper placemat in front of me.  To me it’s a weird setup, but to the Bostonians around me it’s perfectly normal.  Finally, my meal arrives. It’s a boiled lobster, still in tact… Read more

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Office Diets

An interesting relationship between stolen food from the work fridge and the number of coworkers on diets.