12 Inspirational Lyrics from Hip-Hop

motivating hip hop lyrics

When it comes to music, hip-hop gets a bad rap (pun intended).  The stereotype is that all rap songs are about money, drugs, and/or women.  And while that’s true for a lot of the songs that make it to the radio and the clubs, there are a number songs that can be inspiring and motivating… Read more


5 Tips to Get Promoted

meeting room graffiti stencil

Want to get promoted?  Being successful in the corporate world isn’t rocket science (unless you work for NASA), but it is hard work. Assuming you meet the minimum criteria of delivering what you are hired to do–and it is the minimum for success–the below 5 tips will help you stand out, become a superstar employee… Read more


101 Ways to Create Humor at Work

humor at work

With all of the benefits to having humor in the workplace, every office could stand to have a little more fun.  But how do you incorporate humor into the corporate world?  It’s easier than you might think. From individual activities such as reading office jokes, to team-building games using improv, to community-wide fun at work… Read more


How to Stop Hitting Snooze and Wake Up Early

stop hitting snooze

One of my biggest challenges since graduating college has been learning how to wake up early.  It seemed that every morning I would hit the snooze button 6 or 7 times, wasting an hour of productivity (or at least uninterrupted sleep). But last year, I decided I had had enough of the snooze button.  By… Read more


The Difference Between Smiling and Laughing

smiling vs laughter

Smiling and laughing are often associated together, and while they often occur together, there is a distinct difference between the two.  Research by Alleen Pace Nilsen and Don L.F. Nilsen explores the difference in more detail: “Smiles are more likely to express feelings of satisfaction or good will, while laughter comes from surprise or a… Read more