Life Lessons Learned from Watchmen

what to learn from watchmen

With the release of Watchmen this weekend comes a lot of hype and anticipation for the graphic novel turned movie.  The graphic novel, originally published as a series in 1986-87, has long been heralded as the best novel of its kind.  Time Magazine even listed it as one of the 100 Best Novels. I recently… Read more

easy passwords

Every 60 days or so, I go through the pain-staking process of changing my passwords at work.  Between the various applications, websites, and logins I use, I tend to have to change 10+ passwords every time one of them expires (I like to keep all of mine synced up). But ever since I started changing… Read more


How to Have a More Productive Day

motivators and demotivators

Do you ever have a day where you are just running on all cylinders, you move from one task to another, accomplishing more in a day than some people do in a week? Do you ever have a day where you’ve run out of gas, it seems you get nothing done, and despite your desire… Read more


5 Tips for Better One-on-One Meetings

one on one meetings

Regardless of your feelings towards networking, it is a crucial part of being successful in any business–corporate, comedy, or otherwise.  And the key to great networks is individual relationships, often built through “One-on-Ones” or “join-ups.” Building a Network One of the smartest things I ever did when I was an intern at a Fortune 50… Read more


6 Steps to More Effective Emails

effective email tips

The corporate world communicates via email. Those little messages residing in everyone’s mailboxes contain status updates, action items, and decisions.  On any given day, I might send and receive over 100 messages.  For some of you that might be low, for others it’s high. So how do you effectively communicate in a medium when you’re… Read more

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