People Trivia: A Fun Team-Building Exercise

bring people together

One of my favorite team-building exercises is simply called “people trivia.” The name says it all: it’s trivia about the people in your organization and it provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about your fellow co-workers. How It Works The setup for people trivia is easy: a month leading up to an organizational event… Read more


What is Humor?

what is humor

You hear the word humor a lot. People talk about office humor, sense of humor, a guy named Hugh Moore–but what does it really mean? Before reading on, see if you can think of the definition. Got a guess? No seriously, think of something, I’ll wait. … Ok, so the word humor, as defined by… Read more

lessons from effective executive

Peter F. Drucker’s The Effective Executive is one of the best-known, oft-cited books on management ever written.  Since it’s publication in 1967, it has transformed regular managers into effective executives by answering the question, “What makes an effective executive?” The book is filled with insights and perspective and is still just as applicable today, 40… Read more


Why Stress Isn’t a Bad Thing

stressed isnt bad

I recently posted an article called Creating a Sense of Urgency that talked about how to be more productive by creating a sense of urgency for yourself to get things done. In the comments, someone asked why I was encouraging more stress, and what I meant by saying “stress isn’t always a bad thing.”  This… Read more

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Creating a Sense of Urgency

sense of urgency

One of the best tips I’ve learned for getting things done is creating a sense of urgency for my work.  If I feel like I have all day to do something, I’ll take all day to do it – it’s Parkinson’s Law (“Work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion”). But if something… Read more